Here are the many thank you note cards written to me from my clients. Most have chosen a photo from their wedding and made it into a card. It is always nice to see my work transformed into a thank you card. I have often been asked to help in the design of the card and am happy to do so. What is also so much fun is when a couple starts a family and asks me to take family and baby portraits. It is an honor to bear witness to these milestones, it their wedding, their child’s first portrait or an anniversary.


Occasionally couples ask me to help them make an invitation. They are looking for something unique and something which represents them. I always ask each couple how they met and work to design an invitation photo with that story in mind. For instance, you will find an invitation of a couple sitting in the doorway of an airport. They met each other while travelling abroad and share two houses in two countries. Their photo with the plane and the airport celebrates their story and represents their past, present and future.