Published work

Rachell’s work has appeared in bridal magazines throughout the Netherlands and The Benelux. Since 1990, she has regularly been featured in Trouwen Magazine, the Netherland’s leading bridal magazine. She has also been published in Wit and Bruid & Bruidegom, and Cosmopolitan magazine. Rachell’s fashion-like approach appeals to Bridal Fashion magazines. Her style is natural, elegant, and artistic – not posed.

“I enjoy fashion shoots because I can be very creative with choosing and finalizing the little details – veils, earrings, shoes…how the hair is done, and so on. My experience with magazines shoots helps me when doing an actual wedding. I remember one bride could not get her corset properly laced, nor could her mother. Luckily, from all of the fashion shoots I have done, I knew how a corset should be laced and helped the bride.”

“Of course I prefer weddings because of the emotion inherent in the day. People are celebrating a day that they have always dreamed about, and I am fortunate enough to be there with them. I also love the unknown factor. Some photographers might become stressed by bad weather or grey skies, but I look at those things as a challenge. I see the world according to light and shadow. Grey skies can also be beautiful, especially if portrayed in black and white.”