The wedding of  Balla and Joyce was a very colourful, exotic Indian weddings. All of the bright colours gave a real depth to the photos.  She  wore two saris, which were her wedding dresses. This made the wedding feel almost like a like a  fashion shoot. The red dress to start and the  white dress to finish the special day. Both were  like beautiful, glittery evening  gowns and gave the photos a  lot of variety and style. Balla was also unique with his turban, and face painting. The 3 bides maids were adorable in their white dresses with  Indian sari sashes , and  their faces painted as well. International weddings are an adventure.

Jurrian and Linda  used purple as the theme color for their wedding. It is not so often used in weddings,  and that was why it made it  so special. The purple corsage of Jurrian, the  purple flowers in the bridal bouquet. And the purple  carpet that  the ceremony took place was on. These  small details  just made the photos so much more beautiful, and compatible in colour, as the colour created a recurring theme.  Of course Linda was a gorgeous bride – and she looked stunning in her  strapless wedding dress. Her bridal photos were just timeless, especially in black and white.

This  was really a magical location for taking photos. A dream wedding in Provence, south of France, at the end of  summer. The  light was  so clear and  bright until the  end of the evening. The natural dryness and  beige hues of the land and the Cezanne like painted  background created a  super  special color  effect. Everyone was in such a  great mood, as this wedding was not just one day. It was a  whole weekend celebration. The bride resembled Grace kelly with her elegant long, open back dress. Everything was  so easy to photograph. When the wedding lasts 3 days the  photos become much more intimate because this extra  time give  me the opportunity to really know the guests and they also begin to  relax and feel comfortable  when there is a zoom lens pointing in their direction.

This was an early spring wedding. Simple, but but very effective. They chose one location for the  whole venue. This  is often easier, as more locations can mean guests arriving late. The location was a hotel in bergen, that also has an official marriage  room. The bride had her hair and makeup done in her room. The ceremony room was professionally decorated. She  did a great  job. With  some flower petals  and   some very cute  signs, a simple room was transformed into an elegant marriage chamber.